Hello! I'm Mike I like pop punk, tattoos, and more recently, british television :) I sing in a pop punk band called Calling All Captains. Check us out, we suck! Oh and feel free to message me something! 


brangmethehorizon asked
So wanna meet you bro🍕

Come to a show! You can meet me fo sho

barakuttie asked
Yo let's be friends! Oh and you & your girlfriend are adorable together!

We can definitely be friends! & that seems to be the common consensus haah thanks :) 

gofrikkyourself asked
Asdfghjkl yhu and yhur girlfriend are fucking beyond adorable .

haha aw shucks :# thanks man, we try 

lost-and-never-inlove asked
You're so amazing <3

Aw but what’s so amazing about little old me? 

sass-itude asked
hello, you're very cute wow hi

Oh hi, thanks, hello. That is a lot of greetings my friend.

flourescent--vision asked
Hi Mike! (:

Oh hello :)